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AE Freelancing is Live!

Well hello, and welcome to AE Freelancing. I trust that your journey to find us wasn't too difficult, and that you will find helpful and interesting content here. Whether you are a budding author just starting your first novel, or a long-time professional in need of a second pair of eyes for proofreading, our goal here is to help all you authors, writers, researchers, and general word-enthusiasts to develop your unique creative voice and polish your writing so it can go out into the world with confidence.

Authors are painters with words, and as a writer myself, I understand the bond between artist and creation. Some days are filled with inspiration and your fingers cannot write quickly enough to form your words on the page, ink smudging your fingers and probably your favorite sweater too as you feverishly scribble. Other days feel like trying to coax one nugget of genius from a tired and overworked brain that has just come home from a nine-hour retail shift. Sometimes it's the satisfaction of solving your character development issue on the drive home from the grocery store, or finding that perfect journal article for your research after weeks of combing the library stacks.

My point is, whether you're writing a paper for a class or a novel you want to get published, the act of writing is deeply personal and reflective of your identity. It takes motivation and effort to write something, and boatloads of courage to then let that writing be read, commented on, picked over, evaluated, and changed by a reader. My editorial creed is simple: be encouraging, honest, and help writers find their own voices. I realize that each project entrusted to my editorial care is something that you have poured time, energy, and passion into, something that you want to share with the wider world. My job is to help you smooth those rough edges, ask questions you may not have considered, and help you navigate the writing process.

To that end, this blog series is designed to address topics across the realms of fiction, nonfiction, industry news, and academic writing. Fiction topics might include outlining a plot or developing characters. Academic topics might address coming up with a research question or how to use databases. We will also have features like:

  • Art Spotlight, bringing together my love of history and culture by highlighting a specific artwork, artist, or event that may pique your interest

  • Author’s Corner, to comment on my favorite authors, past or present, and what they excel at

  • Industry Interviews, with publishing professionals who can offer advice or insights in their field

And much more! I hope that these posts will spark your curiosity, teach you something new, or give you resources for further information.

So with the introductions out of the way, let’s begin!

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