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Student Packages

Saving money during school is important, and we understand that a student budget doesn't leave a whole lot of room for the luxury of editing  services. That's why AE Freelance Editing offers the following Student Packages, specifically for undergrads and grads who need professional assistance without the professional price tag.* 

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The Navigator

Ideal for undergraduate research papers, this package includes basic proofreading and copy editing services with fact-checking and citation assistance. 


$15 per hour

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The Scholar

Designed for graduate research or theses, this package offers comprehensive proofreading and copy editing services, a constructive critique on the presentation of your argument and its evidence, assistance with citation formatting, and an option for resource location assistance. 

$20 per hour

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A La Carte

Don't see the perfect option for your paper? Do you need fact-checking and footnote formats?  Bibliography templates and biography sheets? Customized services are just a click away.  


Contact the editor for a personalized package and get a quote today!

*Disclaimer: Ashley Elizabeth Freelance Editing does not engage in any unethical business practices. This includes, but is not limited to, writing student papers, performing research that students are tasked to do themselves, or generating entire bibliographies for student papers. The aim of these services is to help you hone your own paper and ensure it is your very best work, not someone else's work.

Proof of student status is required to be eligible for student pricing.   

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