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Editing Services

Projects Accepted

AE Freelance Editing works with a wide range of manuscripts across both fiction and nonfiction genres. Please consult the list below to see if your project falls into the areas of expertise. If your project is outside of the offered genres, please click the button below for further resources.

  • Academic writing (Arts, Literature, History,  Social Sciences, Museum Studies, Grant Proposals)

  • Trade nonfiction (History, Biography, Memoir, Art History, Travel)

  • Trade fiction (Fantasy, Adventure, SciFi, Historical Fiction)

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Whether fiction or nonfiction, every piece of writing requires careful proofreading. This covers spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as typographical consistency.


Proofreading is usually one of the last steps in the editorial process, once the argument or narrative, voice, and body of the essay or story have been polished.  

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Copy Editing

& Line Editing 

Copy editing focuses on the technical aspects of the body of your text, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but includes making or checking a style sheet to ensure consistency in terminology,  fact-checking as needed, and going over references or inconsistencies in a manuscript.


In line editing, the editor reviews the overall style of your work, focusing on voice, communication, and clarity.

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Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is a true collaboration between the author and the editor to formulate your project and discover your authorial voice.


Whether you need help piecing together an argument for a research paper or assistance resolving plot holes in your historical fiction story, AE Freelance Editing can help bring your vision to life and give your writing clarity and consistency.

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All services are offered at an hourly rate, regardless of the type or number of services requested, according to the following:

  • Individual clients: $30/hour

  • Institution: contact editor for details


All prices are based on the Guidelines provided by the Editorial Freelancers Association. 

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