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Research Services

Projects Accepted

AE Freelance Editing offers a variety of research services for a majority of nonfiction genres, as well as for historical fiction manuscripts. Areas of expertise include:

  • Academic writing (Arts, Literature, History, Social Sciences, Museums Studies, Grant Proposals)

  • Trade nonfiction (History, Biography, Memoir, Art History, Travel)

  • Trade fiction (Historical fiction)

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Citations & Bibliographies

Footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies are crucial in any nonfiction work. AE Freelance Editing can provide the proper formatting for your citations in Chicago, AP (Associated Press), or MLA (Modern Language Association) styles. 

If you need help compiling a bibliography, are unsure of how to navigate library databases, or need some recommendations for scholarly sources, then this service is for you. 

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Database Research

For substantial writing such as theses or capstone papers, AE Freelance Editing can provide tips on the best research methods, databases, and archives for your project, as well as offering fact-checking services. 


For nonfiction works such as history books, memoirs, or biographies, we can compile high-quality research packets with the facts and scholarship that you need to get started or augment your argument.  

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Historical Fiction

For novels that feature your own creative flair, but are set within an established time period, AE Freelance Editing offers research consultations to ensure your historical fiction novel is accurate. 

Even the tiniest of inconsistent details can pull your reader out of your carefully crafted story; if the details are all on point though, fans won't sweat the small stuff and will enjoy your brilliant prose. 

Research Anchor


All services are offered at an hourly rate, regardless of the type or number of services requested, according to the following:

  • Individual clients: $30/hour

  • Institution: contact editor for details


All prices are based on the Guidelines provided by the Editorial Freelancers Association. 

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